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September 2018

The Complete Auto Recycling Show Repurposes with a Shared Purpose

The Complete Auto Recycling Show (CARS) is dedicated to fostering the growth of the auto recyclers and material processors community. The two-day event during the summer brings together leading experts with the latest innovations to drive the industry forward. As Europe’s premier metals recycling trade show, it inspires attendees, visitors and exhibitors alike. Reitman had the pleasure of attending CARS in 2018, and it was amazing to connect with contacts in the UK and get to know the men and women of the UK auto recycling community. Here’s what we love about CARS:

CARS is completely free. There is no charge to attend the event, which means that businesses and interested participants can take full advantage of the opportunity to learn and network without being concerned about the cost. Despite being free, CARS takes the standard exhibition to the next level and includes displays that are both indoor and outdoor, onsite and off. The event gives exclusive access to the expansive metal recycling industry, from processing to repurposing. Informative seminars led by industry insiders offer in-depth education while hands-on practice in the Skills Lab brings real-life experience. Live working demonstrations of equipment and machinery gives a first look at practical applications of products and machinery in their intended environment. While visitors can access countless events at no cost, additional offerings are worth the ticket price. The 2018 event included the 4x4 Experience, which put visitors in the driver’s seat of a Land Rover Discovery on an off-road course just minutes from the trade show. It’s an amazing experience for anyone curious about the metal recycling process. The exhibits are personal and fantastic. The 2018 exhibitions included a “Meet the Buyer” Lounge and sessions held by the Business Doctors. The “Meet the Buyer” Lounge provided a brand new opportunity for the metals recycling sector with one-on-one meetings. The Lounge hosted a range of businesses, providing visitors with a chance to create lasting partnerships with merchants, manufacturers and operators. The Business Doctors, who specialize in supporting small- and medium-sized businesses, provided one-on-one guidance and informative seminars to help attendees’ businesses achieve their vision. The connections are endless. With more than 100 exhibitors to choose from, each of the 1500+ attendees has the chance to connect with and learn from merchants, suppliers and customers. Not only is CARS a great place to do business, it’s also an opportunity to get to know the industry’s community. Its inaugural gathering encourages this from the start, while the informal setting supports authentic connections throughout.

The trade show is conveniently located in the heart of the UK to conveniently cater to an international crowd. No matter what draws attendees to the event, all leave with a greater sense of community and passion. We are proud to be a United States partner, and Reitman plans to be a part of growth of our industry as it expands internationally.

August 2018

Reitman’s Stamp on the Community

Reitman Auto Parts & Sales is located in the Northern Kentucky community of Camp Springs. Our local clients know and appreciate the beautiful area of the country that we call home. We work and live in a valley area south of Cincinnati, Ohio, and our entire community is connected. Reitman Auto Parts & Sales is a third-generation auto recycler, and we would not be the company that we are today without the deep history and ties that we’ve formed with our neighbors, colleagues, friends and family over the years. Fran (Reis) Reitman joined her husband, Randy, at his family business in 1983, and the two of them worked side by side to grow the company from a local business to a nationally recognized and respected auto recycling leader. Randy passed away in 2015, and Fran has been at the helm of the Reitman Auto Parts & Sales ever since. Our company has three generations of family business and leadership history. Why do we feel so strongly about Camp Springs and Northern Kentucky? The answer is easy: the community has shown up for us time and time again, and we want to be there for our community in return. It’s not everywhere that you can find connections and relationships that are nearly four generations deep—and continue to be fruitful and respectful today. “Just this summer I attended a dinner function,” Fran said. “I was sitting at a competitor’s table because he invited me to be there. We all support one another, and our whole community is connected.”

Fran isn’t just talking about our auto recycler community; she means the local families that support us, too. From the time the Reitmans have been in the Camp Springs area (the mid 1800s) to now, Campbell County and Camp Springs have given our business—and our families—so many opportunities to be a part of the local heritage.

Today, Fran is a well-recognized leader in the auto parts industry serving on many foundations and committees to advance and support the auto recycling industry. She is also proud to be a part of the local business network in several ways. Fran has been a supporting member of the Campbell County Leadership Action Group at Northern Kentucky University. She served on the Campbell County Municipal Planning & Zoning and Board of Adjustments, and also served on the Sanitation District #1 board to represent Campbell County. She is a past President of the Alexandria Community Business Association and past President of the Kentucky Auto and Truck Recyclers Association.

Fran encourages her children to follow in the footsteps of the other Reitmans of the past to get involved and show support in the community in which they live. Reitman Auto Parts & Sales continues to grow under thoughtful leadership of Fran and her two sons, Nick and Adam, as well as our dedicated staff. With time and tradition on our side, Reitman Auto Parts is looking forward to the future of our business and continuing to honor the friendships and support system that have helped us along the way.

July 2018

Ace the Back-to-School Car Exam

This time of year, parents and excited high school graduates are preparing for the next big adventure: college. Buying dorm-room décor and loading up on books for the semester take high priority in the family budget. In all of the excitement, many families forget to invest time into the one thing that literally gets them to and from school: their car! With the right parts from Reitman Auto Parts & Sales, you can get your family prepared to hit the road in a reliable vehicle. Here are a few reasons why it makes sense to consider used auto parts when preparing your son or daughter to get back to school.

Transportation is as important as books.

A great vehicle will last significantly longer than one semester’s books—and yet, many families don’t think about their child’s transportation options. There’s no need to buy a new car if you have a car that needs a little TLC. We can help you find the right parts for your car, and every part that we sell at Reitman Auto is covered by a 90-day warranty…you can’t say that for textbooks!

Health and safety are critical.

We want your children to be in a reliable car when they are on the road. If your kid has been driving around the same car that has been passed through the family for generations, it may be time for a few updates and replacements. You want to make sure all of the parts and pieces are in place for a safe driving experience, such as rearview mirrors, sideview mirrors, air bags, seat belts, and more. Those parts are easy to replace on a car and buying a new part may save you money over ongoing maintenance.

Our professional sales people are knowledgeable and ready to help you find the right part to your student’s return to school as safe as possible. We will always do our best to find the exact part that you need. We know which questions to ask, and we can communicate with other auto salvage dealers. We talk the lingo better than other auto parts distributors to make sure you have the right part and it’s in quality condition. When it comes to preparing to go back to school, we have your auto parts needs covered!

Reitman Auto Parts & Sales has an inventory of thousands of car parts from more than 2,000 cars. Our trained and friendly sales staff is ready to help you find the part you need to make your existing car even better. If we don’t have something you need to get your child off to school, let us know! We can order it and ship the part right to you. Reitman Auto is the expert in local used car parts, and we can make your experience easy and fun. It’s as simple as ABC!

June 2018

Speaking Like a Mechanic: Car Parts 101

It’s likely that you will never need to know the ins-and-outs of your vehicle. In the instance that you need to fix your car or buy a high-quality replacement part from our team here at Reitman, it’s helpful to know some basic vocabulary regarding your car and the various parts that shape it. To help you along the way, we’ve put together a quick guide for the basic parts and pieces you would need to know.

Your Vehicle Identification Number

The best place to start any conversation about your car’s parts are with its vehicle identification number, or VIN. Even more than the car’s make or model, which are also important, your VIN actually incorporates a level of detail and code that identifies certain features and elements of your car. Your VIN will be on most of your car’s paperwork, and you can also look up where to find your VIN on your specific car.

Directions: Left or right?

When you sell or buy a used auto part from Reitman, we have a few questions to help us better understand exactly how we can help. One of the basics is knowing the orientation of the car so we can be sure we’re all discussing the same part on the same side of the vehicle.

When you are identifying a car part, left and right sides are often confused. The sides and orientation of the car are always discussed as if you are standing behind the car looking towards the front. These directions are consistent with the left and right orientation as a passenger in the car: the left is on the driver’s side of the vehicle (in the United States, at least!) and the right is on the passenger side of the car.

VIPs (Very Important Parts)

There are a few car parts that are, for the most part, universal to all cars. There are certainly variations and features that change from car to car, but in terms of identifying the parts of your car, a few key parts will get you a long way.

Most drivers on the road are familiar with the essentials: wheels, side mirrors, tail lights, and doors. Moving beyond those key words is where confusion can happen. Here are several of the most popular items that we buy and sell at Reitman and a quick-reference guide to what each of those parts does for your car:

  • Alternator: generates energy to charge your battery and power your vehicle once it’s turned on.
  • Transmission: helps ensure that the right amount of power goes to your car’s gears at the right time. A manual transmission shifts power when you tell it to, but an automatic transmission does this automatically.
  • Engine: Traditional gas-powered cars rely on the engine to convert gasoline into motion.
  • Bumpers: Located on the front and back of your vehicle, bumpers are designed to absorb impact.
  • Fenders: The fender is the metal body panel over the front wheel.
  • Quarter Panel: Is the rear section of the body over rear wheel and is welded or bonded to the vehicle.
  • Grilles: A grid-like feature on the front of the vehicle that protects the radiator and engine.
  • Headlamps or Headlights: The lights on the front of your vehicle that are your primary headlights.
  • Tail lamps: Tail lamps are your brake lights as well as your signal lights, which are both very important for safety.
  • Fog lamps: Located on the front your car, these lights provide extra illumination in bad weather. They are different than headlights.

If you can master these basic auto parts, you can begin a conversation with any mechanic! Give us a call if you have a question about the part you need for your car repair. We have a fully updated and sorted inventory of thousands of car parts, and we can search for your part in minutes!

We have more than 2000 cars and trucks on site, and we offer high value for used, wrecked, or rebuildable late-model foreign and domestic cars, trucks, and vans from model year 2005 and up. For more information, or to find an automotive part, visit us online or call 859- 635-2127 (locally in Northern Kentucky) or 800-221-3993 nationwide.

May 2018

The Reitman Difference: Cleanliness matters in the auto parts industry

Reitman Auto Parts & Sales is not your average automotive recycling business. Our family-owned company has been in operation for nearly a century—and every year, we refine what it means to offer quality parts and quality service to every customer we meet. Since 1927, we have been diligent in changing the way our community thinks about auto parts sales. In the past, an image of auto recycling came with visions of oil and grime. At Reitman, cleanliness is key. From clean uniforms and a well-maintained facility to dirt-free auto parts and sustainable business practices, we are innovating the auto recycling experience.

Reitman is a one-stop shop for everything automobile. From selling auto parts from used, wrecked, or late-model autos to buying damaged cars and trucks, Reitman aims to meet every client’s needs with order, affordability, and timeliness. In an industry known for grime and oil, cleanliness and kindness are the name of the game.

Reitman’s organized website will help you find exactly the part you need. We’ve invested time and resources into creating a system that can sustain a category of millions of high-quality auto parts. Users can search for a specific auto body part via a multi-part, inventory, or image search across our inventory of 126 million car and truck parts. Each part is assessed upon purchase, cleaned, tagged, organized, and placed in a specific location in our 20-acre Northern Kentucky lot. Our team knows exactly where every piece is located, which ensures quick and accurate service.

When you come to Reitman Auto Parts & Sales, you’ll find a team of experts to help answer your questions and offer advice as well as help you find the auto part you need. We believe that great service involves keeping an organized and clean facility, but it also means we operate with integrity and honesty. We are proud of our work, and we offer fair value on each of our parts sold. In fact, most parts that we sell come with a 90-day warranty, and extended warranties are available. Our warranty represents our commitment to offering high-quality products and respecting our customers and their money.

Reitman’s commitment to cleanliness doesn’t stop at the store. Clean business practices that work to protect the environment are at the core of Reitman Auto Parts & Sales and our dedication to our community. Recycling, reusing, and safe disposal of unusable parts are all underlying factors that will keep serving clients for generations to come. Our customers receive only high-quality products that are guaranteed to be as clean as our shop. Our team of highly experienced staff inspects each product to ensure its cleanliness and workability before we put it in your hands.

Reitman Auto Parts & Sales is located in the Northern Kentucky community of Melbourne. We have more than 2000 cars and trucks on site, and we offer high value for used, wrecked, or rebuildable late-model foreign and domestic cars, trucks, and vans from model year 2005 and up. For more information, or to find an automotive part, visit us online or call 800-221-3993.

April 2018

Earth Day 2018: Proud to do our part!

Once a year, millions of people across the country and around the world come together to celebrate Earth Day. This year’s celebration falls on Sunday, April 22, and there are events planned from coast to coast. At Reitman Auto Parts & Sales, we are proud to join other businesses, especially other companies in the automotive and recycling industries, that help to spread awareness and best practices regarding recycling and protecting the environment on Earth Day--and every day throughout the year.

As an auto recycling company, Reitman Auto Parts & Sales knows that we have an opportunity to positively impact our local Northern Kentucky community. In fact, we’ve made it our company’s core vision, and we aim to live up to our vision daily.

At Reitman Auto Parts & Sales, Inc., we strive to recycle vehicles in an environmentally-safe way, while meeting customers’ needs affordably and in a timely manner. In order to keep as much of the vehicle out of the landfill as possible, we recycle and reuse as much as possible, including even the smallest of parts, and dispose of the refuse in a smart, safe, environmentally-friendly way. Our goal is to protect our natural resources for a greener tomorrow.

By definition, Reitman Auto Parts & Sales is a recycling company. Performing our work day in and day out in an environmentally friendly way is part of the core of our business. Here are a few reasons from the Automotive Recyclers Association that help highlight why we take our work for the environment seriously:

  • The automobile is one of the most recycled consumer products in the world!
  • In 2016, automotive recyclers process roughly 12 million vehicles retired from U.S. roads (that’s 23 vehicles every minute)
  • Around 86% of each vehicle is recycled by weight
  • Each year, automotive recyclers process millions of tons of steel
  • Automotive recyclers have prevented 6.7 million hazardous mercury switches from reaching landfills

Reitman Auto is also a proud provider of Green Recycled Parts®. Authentic Green Recycled Parts are good for the environment, good for your vehicle, and good for your wallet. We follow the ARA’s guides to carefully select and inspect green recycled auto parts, and many parts are backed by a special warranty. Be sure to ask us about our selection of Green Recycled Parts!