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August 2018

Reitman’s Stamp on the Community

Reitman Auto Parts & Sales is located in the Northern Kentucky community of Camp Springs. Our local clients know and appreciate the beautiful area of the country that we call home. We work and live in a valley area south of Cincinnati, Ohio, and our entire community is connected. Reitman Auto Parts & Sales is a third-generation auto recycler, and we would not be the company that we are today without the deep history and ties that we’ve formed with our neighbors, colleagues, friends and family over the years.

Fran (Reis) Reitman joined her husband, Randy, at his family business in 1983, and the two of them worked side by side to grow the company from a local business to a nationally recognized and respected auto recycling leader. Randy passed away in 2015, and Fran has been at the helm of the Reitman Auto Parts & Sales ever since. Our company has three generations of family business and leadership history.

Why do we feel so strongly about Camp Springs and Northern Kentucky? The answer is easy: the community has shown up for us time and time again, and we want to be there for our community in return. It’s not everywhere that you can find connections and relationships that are nearly four generations deep—and continue to be fruitful and respectful today.

“Just this summer I attended a dinner function,” Fran said. “I was sitting at a competitor’s table because he invited me to be there. We all support one another, and our whole community is connected.”

Fran isn’t just talking about our auto recycler community; she means the local families that support us, too. From the time the Reitmans have been in the Camp Springs area (the mid 1800s) to now, Campbell County and Camp Springs have given our business—and our families—so many opportunities to be a part of the local heritage.

Today, Fran is a well-recognized leader in the auto parts industry serving on many foundations and committees to advance and support the auto recycling industry. She is also proud to be a part of the local business network in several ways. Fran has been a supporting member of the Campbell County Leadership Action Group at Northern Kentucky University. She served on the Campbell County Municipal Planning & Zoning and Board of Adjustments, and also served on the Sanitation District #1 board to represent Campbell County. She is a past President of the Alexandria Community Business Association and past President of the Kentucky Auto and Truck Recyclers Association.

Fran encourages her children to follow in the footsteps of the other Reitmans of the past to get involved and show support in the community in which they live. Reitman Auto Parts & Sales continues to grow under thoughtful leadership of Fran and her two sons, Nick and Adam, as well as our dedicated staff. With time and tradition on our side, Reitman Auto Parts is looking forward to the future of our business and continuing to honor the friendships and support system that have helped us along the way.

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