Once a year, millions of people across the country and around the world come together to celebrate Earth Day. This year’s celebration falls on Sunday, April 22, and there are events planned from coast to coast. At Reitman Auto Parts & Sales, we are proud to join other businesses, especially other companies in the automotive and recycling industries, that help to spread awareness and best practices regarding recycling and protecting the environment on Earth Day–and every day throughout the year.

As an auto recycling company, Reitman Auto Parts & Sales knows that we have an opportunity to positively impact our local Northern Kentucky community. In fact, we’ve made it our company’s core vision, and we aim to live up to our vision daily.

At Reitman Auto Parts & Sales, Inc., we strive to recycle vehicles in an environmentally-safe way, while meeting customers’ needs affordably and in a timely manner. In order to keep as much of the vehicle out of the landfill as possible, we recycle and reuse as much as possible, including even the smallest of parts, and dispose of the refuse in a smart, safe, environmentally-friendly way. Our goal is to protect our natural resources for a greener tomorrow.

By definition, Reitman Auto Parts & Sales is a recycling company. Performing our work day in and day out in an environmentally friendly way is part of the core of our business. Here are a few reasons from the Automotive Recyclers Association that help highlight why we take our work for the environment seriously:

  • The automobile is one of the most recycled consumer products in the world!
  • In 2016, automotive recyclers process roughly 12 million vehicles retired from U.S. roads (that’s 23 vehicles every minute)
  • Around 86% of each vehicle is recycled by weight
  • Each year, automotive recyclers process millions of tons of steel
  • Automotive recyclers have prevented 6.7 million hazardous mercury switches from reaching landfills

Reitman Auto is also a proud provider of Green Recycled Parts®. Authentic Green Recycled Parts are good for the environment, good for your vehicle, and good for your wallet. We follow the ARA’s guides to carefully select and inspect green recycled auto parts, and many parts are backed by a special warranty. Be sure to ask us about our selection of Green Recycled Parts!