The Complete Auto Recycling Show (CARS) is dedicated to fostering the growth of the auto recyclers and material processors community. The two-day event during the summer brings together leading experts with the latest innovations to drive the industry forward. As Europe’s premier metals recycling trade show, it inspires attendees, visitors and exhibitors alike. Reitman had the pleasure of attending CARS in 2018, and it was amazing to connect with contacts in the UK and get to know the men and women of the UK auto recycling community. Here’s what we love about CARS:

CARS is completely free. There is no charge to attend the event, which means that businesses and interested participants can take full advantage of the opportunity to learn and network without being concerned about the cost. Despite being free, CARS takes the standard exhibition to the next level and includes displays that are both indoor and outdoor, onsite and off. The event gives exclusive access to the expansive metal recycling industry, from processing to repurposing. Informative seminars led by industry insiders offer in-depth education while hands-on practice in the Skills Lab brings real-life experience. Live working demonstrations of equipment and machinery gives a first look at practical applications of products and machinery in their intended environment. While visitors can access countless events at no cost, additional offerings are worth the ticket price. The 2018 event included the 4×4 Experience, which put visitors in the driver’s seat of a Land Rover Discovery on an off-road course just minutes from the trade show. It’s an amazing experience for anyone curious about the metal recycling process. The exhibits are personal and fantastic. The 2018 exhibitions included a “Meet the Buyer” Lounge and sessions held by the Business Doctors. The “Meet the Buyer” Lounge provided a brand new opportunity for the metals recycling sector with one-on-one meetings. The Lounge hosted a range of businesses, providing visitors with a chance to create lasting partnerships with merchants, manufacturers and operators. The Business Doctors, who specialize in supporting small- and medium-sized businesses, provided one-on-one guidance and informative seminars to help attendees’ businesses achieve their vision. The connections are endless. With more than 100 exhibitors to choose from, each of the 1500+ attendees has the chance to connect with and learn from merchants, suppliers and customers. Not only is CARS a great place to do business, it’s also an opportunity to get to know the industry’s community. Its inaugural gathering encourages this from the start, while the informal setting supports authentic connections throughout.

The trade show is conveniently located in the heart of the UK to conveniently cater to an international crowd. No matter what draws attendees to the event, all leave with a greater sense of community and passion. We are proud to be a United States partner, and Reitman plans to be a part of growth of our industry as it expands internationally.