Reitman Auto Parts & Sales is not your average automotive recycling business. Our family-owned company has been in operation for nearly a century—and every year, we refine what it means to offer quality parts and quality service to every customer we meet. Since 1927, we have been diligent in changing the way our community thinks about auto parts sales. In the past, an image of auto recycling came with visions of oil and grime. At Reitman, cleanliness is key. From clean uniforms and a well-maintained facility to dirt-free auto parts and sustainable business practices, we are innovating the auto recycling experience.

Reitman is a one-stop shop for everything automobile. From selling auto parts from used, wrecked, or late-model autos to buying damaged cars and trucks, Reitman aims to meet every client’s needs with order, affordability, and timeliness. In an industry known for grime and oil, cleanliness and kindness are the name of the game.

Reitman’s organized website will help you find exactly the part you need. We’ve invested time and resources into creating a system that can sustain a category of millions of high-quality auto parts. Users can search for a specific auto body part via a multi-part, inventory, or image search across our inventory of 126 million car and truck parts. Each part is assessed upon purchase, cleaned, tagged, organized, and placed in a specific location in our 20-acre Northern Kentucky lot. Our team knows exactly where every piece is located, which ensures quick and accurate service.

When you come to Reitman Auto Parts & Sales, you’ll find a team of experts to help answer your questions and offer advice as well as help you find the auto part you need. We believe that great service involves keeping an organized and clean facility, but it also means we operate with integrity and honesty. We are proud of our work, and we offer fair value on each of our parts sold. In fact, most parts that we sell come with a 90-day warranty, and extended warranties are available. Our warranty represents our commitment to offering high-quality products and respecting our customers and their money.

Reitman’s commitment to cleanliness doesn’t stop at the store. Clean business practices that work to protect the environment are at the core of Reitman Auto Parts & Sales and our dedication to our community. Recycling, reusing, and safe disposal of unusable parts are all underlying factors that will keep serving clients for generations to come. Our customers receive only high-quality products that are guaranteed to be as clean as our shop. Our team of highly experienced staff inspects each product to ensure its cleanliness and workability before we put it in your hands.

Reitman Auto Parts & Sales is located in the Northern Kentucky community of Melbourne. We have more than 2000 cars and trucks on site, and we offer high value for used, wrecked, or rebuildable late-model foreign and domestic cars, trucks, and vans from model year 2005 and up. For more information, or to find an automotive part, visit us online or call 800-221-3993.